Vehicle Management

Here you will find an overview of useful tools that facilitate vehicle management with Routecontrol. From the web portal, the route control app and the order transmission, everything is included here.

Message & Order Transmission

Order management through navigation system

Nachrichten und Auftragsübermittlung mit Routecon Navigator

Your company’s drivers process all orders / tours received by the dispatcher on a daily basis. As complications can often arise in everyday business, a quick reaction is necessary.

With routecontrol you always have an overview of all orders. Send the tours to your driver’s navigation device via the web portal. They can accept the order and are navigated to the destination without entering the destination again. The fleet manager can get an overview of the fleet and the associated orders at any time. Routecontrol offers you the option to recognize which orders still must be processed and whether the vehicles reach their destination on time.

Location portal​

Location portal for vehicle management

The web portal in business operations

The web portal is the heart of routecontrol. It always enables you to access your vehicle fleet and thus also to all important reports and telemetry data. You do not have to install any software and can therefore work flexibly.

Your personal online access gives you the opportunity to access your vehicles worldwide and use the features of the location portal . Operate the web portal from your PC, tablet or smartphone. The innovative color scheme from routecontrol helps you to immediately recognize the status of all location objects.

Do not leave your everyday business to chance, but to the GPS fleet management and location system – routecontrol.

The routecontrol live tracking and route history offers you the opportunity to view and evaluate real-time information aon all vehicles in your fleet by using the Google map material which we use.

Determine the evaluation period of your vehicles and always receive all important details such as:  

Ortungsportal routecontrol
  • Live location working hours
  • Stops
  • FMS data
  • Downtimes
  • Speed
  • Route reports
  • Direction indicator
  • Driver status reports
  • Alarm messages
  • Vehicle activity
  • Input information
  • Speeding violations
  • Current traffic jam information
  • and much more 

Remote Tacho-Download

Evaluation of digital tachographs

The routecontrol accessories for your digital tachograph – it enables every entrepreneur to maintain the sensitive balance between the two rules “time is money” and “safety is the top priority”.

The digital tachograph provides security and, at the same time, enables time management on a solid data basis, without which today’s competitiveness can hardly be achieved.

With the Routecontrol add-on module for Remote Tacho Download of the mass storage and driver card data, Routecontrol frees you from the permanent effort of manual downloading. Our solution is not only faster, but also cheaper than the previous methods. Save money and nerves. Make Routecontrol your hardworking employee.Every day, 24 hours, including weekends.

digitaler Tachograph remote als Zubehör download

Connection to TimoCom

TimoCom Partnership

From now on, the service provider for the transport industry TimoCom and the telematics provider Routecontrol will work even closer together.

Innovations and quality have always determined the actions of both companies in order to achieve sustainable competitiveness in the transport and commercial vehicle industry.

Partnerschaft routecontrol und TimoCom

Routecontrol and TimoCom: Two professional solutions, with an eye for the essentials, that permanently increase the efficiency and productivity of the customers – and Europe-wide. The integration of Routecontrol within the TimoCom eMap, a route and calculation solution with integrated locating function creates further trust among the customers clients.

Routecontrol App​

Fleet management app for your vehicle fleet

Behalten Sie Ihre Fahrzeugflotte jederzeit im Auge und greifen Sie auf Informationen auf Ihrem Android / iPhone Smartphone oder Tablet zu.

Verschaffen Sie sich z.B. einen Überblick über die Route, Position, Geschwindigkeit und Ausfallzeiten.

routecontrol app für Smartphone