Vehicle tracking

We find the best solution for your fleet

Regardless of whether your vehicles are parked or on the go and driving for you, with routecontrol LIVE LOCATION you can quickly and easily call up the exact location of your vehicles. Keep an overview of your employees’ breaks and working hours and ensure that your vehicles arrive at their destination on time.

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Detailed route tracking

Before you follow up on the route tracking, look at the trips (tours) of the past few days and identify potential savings. The routecontrol GPS vehicle location system determines the working hours and driving hours of your employees and stores the past information of the locations of your fleet for up to 24 months. The feature of the GPS fleet solution routecontrol shows you a quick and easy overview of all vehicle movements. In this way, errors in your company can be identified and rectified.

Area violation messages

Routecontrol informs you immediately when a vehicle leaves the previously defined GEO area, enters a certain area and stores this information for you in its own reports.

Fahrzeugortung mit Alarmmeldungen

Fleet optimization and fleet management at a glance

Fuhrparkoptimierung mit GPS Fahrzeugortung und Flottenmanagement

With routecontrol, you always keep an eye on your fleet thanks to the latest GPS vehicle location and fleet management. Recognize the performance of your vehicle fleet and its optimization potential. With the routecontrol GPS fleet solution, you can not only save additional costs, but also improve your service quality. routecontrol is your solution for the daily tasks related to controlling your vehicle fleet.Thanks to the GPS telematics solution from routecontrol, customers from all areas process more orders with the same amount of time or save a quarter of their fuel costs.

Ihre Vorteile von der Fuhrparkoptimierung durch die GPS Fahrzeugortung & Flottenmanagementlösung routecontrol:

  • Procurement
  • Optimize driving style
  • Avoid traffic jams
  • Live location of all vehicles
  • Working time measurement 
  • Checking the arrival times 
  • Route tracking 

Electronic logbook​​

GPS logbook from Routecontrol

Company vehicles are a great advantage for employees in Germany, but they also have tax implications. Benefits such as company cars are subject to income tax or social security. The electronic logbook from routecontrol helps you to save a lot of taxes and possibly social security contributions. It makes it easier for you to tax taxable benefits for your employees. As an employee, documenting business trips can also greatly reduce the tax burden.

Your advantages briefly:
  • Automatic recordings of all trips 
  • Recurring journeys can be recognized and automatically stored with reasons 
  • Access to all logbooks at all times
  • Declare your trips easily via smartphone / tablet and PC