Tour Planning & Tour Optimization

routecontrol -GPS Ortung und Telematik von routecontrol

Manual tour planning can be time-consuming and complicated in daily business operations. Often, the dispatcher has to give his drivers additional order details by phone or reschedule changes. With Routecontrol’s active route planning, these problems are a thing of the past.

With Routecontrol you can easily enter the orders via the web portal, optimize the tours according to arrival time and route and transmit them directly to a navigation system of your drivers. Recognize which orders are currently being processed and when your vehicles reach their destination in the dispatcher view. Stay in direct communication wwith your drivers while driving and change order sequences or details live using the Routecontrol tour planning feature.

Active tour planning in the tariffs: EASY24 – Passive tour planning in the tariffs: EASY12 and EASY6