EASY6 Tariff

Easy 6

EASY Tarif mit Partnern Telekom und Vodafone Flottenmanagement

routecontrol EASY6 – The “EASY” tariffs from routecontrol offer you an all-round carefree package. Benefit from a variety of portal functions such as vehicle tracking – live tracking, route reports, speed reports, stops, idle times, traffic reports, temperature reports, working time recording, live tickets, passive tour planning, geofencing and much more.

The good thing about all routecontrol EASY variants – no acquisition costs, short contract terms and low monthly fees per vehicle, so with the GPS vehicle location & fleet management system from routecontrol in the EASY6 tariff you only have a contract term of 6 months and that for only € 22 per month/ Vehicle (plus VAT).

Location boxes can be selected in the tariff: RC10 (OBD) or RC11

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