Location portal

routecontrol Ortungsportal für Fahrzeuggesamtübersicht

The web portal is the heart of routecontrol. It always enables you to access your vehicle fleet and thus also to all important reports and telemetry data. You do not have to install any software and can therefore work flexibly.

Your personal online access gives you the opportunity to access your vehicles worldwide and use the features of the location portal . Operate the web portal from your PC, tablet or smartphone. The innovative color scheme from routecontrol helps you to immediately recognize the status of all location objects.

Do not leave your everyday business to chance, but to the GPS fleet management and location system – routecontrol.

The web portal in business operations

Ortungsportal routecontrol

The routecontrol live tracking and route history offers you the opportunity to view and evaluate real-time information aon all vehicles in your fleet by using the Google map material which we use.

Determine the evaluation period of your vehicles and always receive all important details such as:  

  • Live location working hours
  • Stops
  • FMS data
  • Downtimes
  • Speed
  • Route reports
  • Direction indicator
  • Driver status reports
  • Alarm messages
  • Vehicle activity
  • Input information
  • Speeding violations
  • Current traffic jam information
  • and much more