Fleet management for every industry

How to monitor your fleet

Find the right fleet management solution for your industry. Our fleet management can be used in many different ways, whether in courier services, health care, construction or passenger transport. With vehicle tracking, you increase your efficiency and keep an overview of your entire fleet.

Here you get an overview of the numerous application possibilities of routecontrol.

Fuhrparkmanagement für jede Branche

Courier services

With the Routecontrol GPS fleet management system, the customers of your courier company always stay up to date on the current status of deliveries and planned arrival times.

Monitor the progress of your employees LIVE and notify your customers if there are delays. In addition, you can always keep an eye on your company performance with the GPS vehicle location from Routecontrol. You can easily use Routecontrol’s detailed reports for evidence and billing.

Freight forwarders

With routecontrol, your employees on the street and your team at headquarters can work even better together. Put that GPS fleet management solution from routecontrol in your truck and monitor your tours, arrival times and length of stay with the truck tracking.

Check the driving times of your drivers and optimize fixed tours by efficiently managing your vehicle fleet.

Care services / patient transportation

Routecontrol automatically creates evidence for you about the working hours, status reports and travel times of your employees, you can see at any time where your employees are and as soon as a new order arrives, you can assign the employee who can be on site and to the patient as quickly as possible.
With the GPS fleet management solution from Routecontrol, you can determine the arrival times of your employee trips and use reliable reports on employee trips for cost accounting.

Passenger transportation

Use your vehicles ‘real-time information to monitor their drivers’ working hours, stops and tours. With Routecontrol you can measurably reduce delays. Use the GPS tracking system to find out the expected arrival times. In the Routecontrol web portal you will also see traffic reports on the map, so you can e.g. Recognize traffic jams and busy roads ahead of time.

Regardless of whether it is taxi location, car location, transporter location or bus location, Routecontrol is your reliable GPS vehicle location system.

Service companies

Save yourself and your employees from typing and unnecessary loss of time. With automatic time recording and the electronic logbook from routecontrol you can optimize these things.
All responsible employees are informed and your customers also benefit from this. With Routecontrol you achieve a dynamic and highly optimized way of working in your company. You can also prove your quality and hourly records. Use the detailed reports to document arrival times and working hours.Regardless of whether it is a van, truck or car location – use Routecontrol GPS vehicle location & fleet management!

IT & supply

It is important for providers from the IT / supply sectors to prove that they meet the specific requirements of the industry. The automatic reports from routecontrol can be used here as evidence of all positions, break times / travel times and working hours on site at the customer. Thus, you cover all areas for the verification.

With the GPS vehicle tracking from routecontrol you also reduce your administrative work and work more efficiently and dynamically.

Company fleets

With routecontrol, it is easy to see the productivity of your sales representative. Call up the detailed reports with the number of appointments for your sales staff. Compare travel times, breaks and time at the customer’s site.Check the kilometers traveled, speeds and compare which drivers are particularly efficient for you. This is shown to you in the daily ranking via the routecontrol web portal.
Easily track the kilometers traveled. Support your employees in accounting for the kilometers traveled, because with the routecontrol logbook you can simplify the tax returns.With Routecontrol you can easily and reliably locate your sales force.

Construction industry

With the routecontrol GPS fleet management, you can use the detailed information about the recorded working hours of your employees or groups to check compliance with the legally regulated parameters and, if requested, also provide evidence. In addition, you can react more specifically to overtime and increase the daily efficiency of your company.

Store the employees, tools and materials used on the construction site and always have an overview of your workflow and inventory. In the event of short-term changes, you can e.g. View the arrival time of new materials or employees via the Routecontrol web portal.