Advantages and functions

Learn more about advantages and functions of a routecontrol fleet management system. Here you will get a detailed overview of savings opportunities and the gain of more efficiency for your work processes

Reports & Evaluation Tools

All stored reports / evaluations can be saved as PDF, Excel or Word files via the Routecontrol web portal.

These reports are ideal as evidence for your Company. Route reports, journey logs, journey times, total running time, daily and weekly distance reports, mileage, downtimes / breaks, driving time, duration of use, stop addresses, private / business use, reason for use, speed violation and much more are shown here, listed and clearly arranged.

View the reports and evaluations that are relevant to your company.

report mit routecontrol Webportal erstellen


Studies show enormous savings. They are distributed e.g. on improvements in the areas of driving distance (39 percent), fuel consumption (24 percent), communication (14 percent) and time (27 percent).

In addition to the directly measurable effects such as lower telephone bills , for calls between headquarters and driver, or less fuel consumption,experts also see sales potential and process improvements through the use of GPS fleet management systems. The improved planning and information capabilitythat such a system offers makes corporate customers happier and thus increases the image of every company.

With routecontrol you may gain new customers and increase the order situation.

Optimize your field service

Your sales force plans his appointments, presents the company to the customer on site and handles important business and orders for you. Check how many appointments can be processed and what radius your sales representatives serve. Find out how long a consultation with the customer takes and whether the current way of working seems reasonable.

Low administration costs

With routecontrol you get everything from one source. The complete package consisting of the routecontrol Black Box, data card and web portal. A single invoice and a strong partner at your side. 

Savings with a fleet management system
Optimized way of working Get detailed information and use e.g. Atime recording! See how long your employee has been at the customer’s site or use Routecontrol to provide evidence of any inconsistency!

Working Time Measurement

Much more than “just” working time recording!

With routecontrol, you have a simple and reliable option for mobile time recording. You can call up the working hours daily or afterwards. Recognize the start of work, breaks and total working hours. In conjunction with the GPS vehicle location from routecontrol, you can also see the vehicles used in your fleet for employee tours in the web portal and in the reports.

Regardless of whether overtime, working time violations, mileage accounting and route reports of the respective employees – Routecontrol is the solution for your daily challenges around the control of your employees and the fleet.

Arbeitszeiterfassung mit routecontrol

Tour Planning & Tour Optimization

routecontrol -GPS Ortung und Telematik von routecontrol

Manual tour planning can be time-consuming and complicated in daily business operations. Often, the dispatcher has to give his drivers additional order details by phone or reschedule changes. With Routecontrol’s active route planning, these problems are a thing of the past.

With Routecontrol you can easily enter the orders via the web portal, optimize the tours according to arrival time and route and transmit them directly to a navigation system of your drivers. Recognize which orders are currently being processed and when your vehicles reach their destination in the dispatcher view. Stay in direct communication wwith your drivers while driving and change order sequences or details live using the Routecontrol tour planning feature.

Active tour planning in the tariffs: EASY24 – Passive tour planning in the tariffs: EASY12 and EASY6